Brushing my teeth in cuffs

Chrissy did everything in handcuffs. She was always cuffed at home. I am starting to learn to do all of my daily tasks in cuffs, but it is quite hard. I don’t know what is possible in handcuffs, so I have to try everything. Can I brush my teeth in handcuffs? (answer in the video) If so, I will do it every day from now on!

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  • davecuffs

    Given how flexible you are, of course it’s possible; no need to watch the video to have the answer ; actually, as soon as I’ve seen the update, I proved it was possible by brushing my own teeth in cuffs ; and I’m less flexible xD
    That said, daily life stuff in handcuffs is the Cuffgirl way :) ; and it’s the best.

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