Neck cuff predicament

What two girls can do with some cuffs!!! But this is not any girl that I am cuffing, it is Hannah!! She is hyper flexible!!! I am trying a predicament that you should never try at home: Hannah has to support herself with her hands so she doesn’t choke herself! I am not so flexible in my back so I can’t do it…

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  • davecuffs

    Wow; it’s hard ; but glad to see Hannah again on Cuffgirl :)
    Glad you had fun :)

  • Trevor

    you could use that neck cuff as a leash! handcuffs and a leash sounds like a good challenge.

  • PP

    I really don’t like neckcuffs. They just look too dangerous. Please be very careful with them!

  • Dustin

    I love this hogtie. Anahi looks great with her nyloned feet in full view for us. You guys should cuff your wrists behind your back and be gagged as well and see if you can escape in-time.

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