• davecuffs

    Of course I do. I listen to classical music in cuffs. I go online in cuffs, playing online, sending message online, in handcuffs. I have already watched TV in cuffs. Talked with some friends. You’re so right when you say that everything can feel special when you’re in cuffs. And it makes being in cuffs feeling like just so natural, like a normal part of daily life.

  • Toymaker

    Spending your day in handcuffs is nice but you really should add leg irons to your routine. The measured step you have in them will add considerably to your pleasure. Modern swing through handcuffs and leg irons are very practical for LE use but there are so many antique ones that are so much nicer for play. One problem with the modern cuffs is that the chain on the leg irons does not jingle when you walk like some of the antique ones.

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