• davecuffs

    You’re so right ; but you’re choosing the easy way by being cuffed in front ; using the computer hads cuffed behind the back is more challenging (I wrote this comment that way)

    Otherwise, I always love how you mix cuffs and daily life

  • The Toymaker

    I think you should also wear leg irons when you are handcuffed. They give you that nice measured gait. I think you would be better in some nice antique ones with chains that jingle better than the modern swing through cuffs.

  • Benjamin

    I noticed you seem to like the Peerless brand same as Chrissy

  • Yes she got them from me :D

  • STGA

    Can’t cuffgirl.com give you a desk, Anahi? Dear dear me!

    I’d say slave labour conditions, but that’s probably the point!

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