• Anon

    When the battery fails in those timelock padlocks they stay locked. Be warned. Mind you, they’re quite easy to break.

  • Ajay

    How long did you set the timer for?

  • Remon

    Why you not cuffed?! One off you cuffed with hand behind the back. And one cuffed in the front! Both also have to weae ankelcuffs! Nice shoes by the way!

  • Ed

    Where can you buy the time lock or magnetic time locks at?

  • davecuffs

    Nice way for two friends to spend time together

  • Capital

    Can them be opened if timer already set?? Would be fail the sense doesn’t?

    Nice by the way!


  • PP

    I would never depend on an electronic device as the only way out. Have a tested low-tech backup, like a key frozen in an ice cube. Better yet, also make a safe call.

  • Sab

    Love this idea, would be great for self bondage. Although being at the mercy of someone setting the lock would be a fantastic experience

  • PP

    I posted this under the recent ice lock update, but it’s relevant here too. I got one of these recently and it works just as advertised.


    There’s no override, but in an emergency you can break the container — assuming you can reach it, and have something to break it with.

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