Neck block

How does it feel to have a huge heavy block locked around your neck, with handcuffs on the side?
Zara and I tested it. I thought it was interesting, you don’t even have to carry your own head anymore because this thing offers neck support! Zara was a bit scared at first but her curiosity won. Would you be scared to try it?

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  • Arno

    That this would fit you both? I had made it for a very tiny girl. But it looks great on you girls. And there is no escape..

  • BondageToy

    Hiya, I’d love to try it on for a few hours. I bet it would be interesting, especially since you can’t look down. Add a nice gag, blindfold. Yum, sign me up ;)

  • STGA

    I just love Anahi in extreme neck restraint (a comment which I’m sure won’t shock her). May I ask what the collar is made from? It looks like painted plywood….?

  • Plywood? Are you even watching the videos STGA? It’s super heavy!

  • STGA

    Multiple layers of plywood laminated together WOULD be incredibly heavy.

    And of course I watched, and looked closely. Hence my question. :)

    (Making BDSM things is something I do, so always looking for new ideas and techniques.)

  • OOoh then maybe it is :D

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