• Littt

    Nice girls, but why did u miss one sock anahi? :-D xx

  • Capital

    You had much space but took all Anahi :D

  • PP

    It looks like the legiron chain was just passed around the handcuff chain, so there was a way out of this one. I’m surprised you didn’t know it!

  • How?! Tell us, tell us!!

  • darby

    @Chrissy I’m also curious what the previous poster meant “there was a way out of this one!” I love being hogcuffed, but I don’t see how to POSSIBLY escape without a key! It’s the perfect position, using your arms and legs against eachother.

    IF your handcuffs had a 30cm chain, it would be possible, but otherwise? Super helpless!

  • PP

    Take the loop at the end of the legiron chain and stuff it between the handcuff and wrist toward your hand. Pass the loop around the end of your hand and then draw it back out past your wrist. The chain will now be unhooked from your cuffs. It’s an old magician escape trick.

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Seriously wow, that is insane. We need to try this.

  • PP

    Practice it first with cuffs in front before you try an actual hogcuff escape. You’ll need to pull your feet up pretty close to your hands to get the slack in the legiron chain that you need.

  • OH.MY.GOD. you realize you just have rendered 90% of all bondage sites useless! Whahahahah wow I am completely amazed.

  • PP

    Not really. I can certainly describe many positions that will still render you (and me) completely helpless.

  • darby

    Okay, so that might work in some circumstances, but not others. If your handcuffs are nice and snug, for example, I don’t think it would work. If the chain of your leg irons is thicker or shorter than standard leg irons, it wouldn’t work.

    But yeah, it sounds like a possible escape plan. I’ve thought of that in the case of the old magic trick with strings looped around two peoples wrists. This is the same concept, but it all hinges on the handcuffs being loose enough, and being able to get enough slack in the leg iron chain.

    Chrissy, are you gonna try it? I know I am!

  • PP

    Handcuffs would have to be VERY tight to keep you from slipping a chain in there. I think the bigger problem is getting enough slack in the chain.

    Tried it yet?

  • darby

    Ok, so I tried it two ways:
    In front, with another set of leg irons in place of handcuffs. The method works, i.e. I was able to slip a loop of the ankle chain down past my wrist, loop around, and pull the chain free, and the chains were then unlinked!

    In an actual hogcuff, using S&W 100 and police style swing through leg irons with 15″ chain. I wasn’t able to escape!

    In theory this is a great escape method, but in practice its incredibly difficult if not impossible, depending on cuffs you are wearing, flexibility, and dexterity. Even with one ankle pulled right up to the handcuffs, there isn’t enough slack in the chain that I can make a loop that will go in and around my hand.

    It may be remotely possible if your hands are facing each other, or you can rotate your wrists, but I can’t in S&W 100.

    If anyone can prove this technique it will be these Cuff Girls! Have you successfully escaped, and if so, which cuffs did you use?

  • My frustration during this clip cannot be overstated. xD

    And hey, wow, awesome ideas to try out in the comments! Nice! :D

  • darby

    I did it!
    It works! thank you all for the inspiration!
    Hogcuffed in old Hiatt darby 104 handcuffs and American handcuff co L-100 leg irons, I was able to use this escape mentioned above! From hogcuffed to standing up with no key! The Hiatt darbys are fairly loose, so that is what made it possible. The L-100’s have a standard 15 inch flat link chain.
    So happy and proud of myself. escape artist upgrade!

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