• davecuffs

    Hehehe ; I LOVE this update ; reminds me of so many fun memories in that cell.
    And the bondage timeout is great ; I’ve done it several times ; Anahi is the best guard :)

  • Benni

    2 hot girls cuffed in the cell. Perfect!
    I would like to be in this Cell too.

  • Serra

    I’ve been thinking about going for some time, but planning has been tough. Also, still not sure what I could ask for. Personally I like my bondage a little or a lot stricter ;)

    But I do love cuffs with a belly chain ❤️????

  • Don

    Davecuffs comment makes me wonder if Chrissy met Anahi while Anahi was working a a “guard” at Bondage Timeout. Is this true?

  • Anahi works as a guard at bondagetimeout.com yes! Get cuffed by her, it is a fun experience!

  • Neil

    Anahi was my guard at Bondage Timeout and she is tough but fair. Can’t wait to return to the cell!

  • STGA

    Zara wants doors she can open?! How spoiled!

  • Mike

    Good memories.
    Being cuffed in that cell.

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