Super heavy collar!

This extreme collar is massive steel and it weighs over 2 kilograms! It has handy attachment points for handcuffs too! We both try on this extremely heavy collar, but it is quite small, so we are worried about getting pinched. It is not easy to close it, there is always some hair, skin, or fabric in the way, but we managed!

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  • STGA

    With historical collars like this, one of the purposes of the four rings were actually to secure to chains which attached to four walls all around. This meant that the person wearing the collar had to stand there, unable to go anywhere, unable to sit. Sometimes they were chained in a squatting position to make it even worse. It was form of endurance torture, and REALLY not fun.

    This is one of those times when real history isn’t as fun as play history. :)

  • Rich

    Is there any way you can post a link to were you bought this collar?

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