Cuff inserts for small wrists

Zara has really really small wrists. A standard pair of cuffs can be tightened all the way on her wrists until there are no more teeth to grip. But we found something that will help: cuff inserts! They are special pieces of plastic designed to fit inside a cuff. They are probably for juvenile delinquents… so they are perfect for Zara!

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  • Michael J JARVIS

    I remember sending these to Chrissy. I found them on ebay where they were listed as “HANDCUFF HELPERS” not seen any since but if anyone wants a set try searching for them under handcuff helpers. I think they came from the USA

  • STGA

    If Zara is a juvenile delinquent, shouldn’t there have been a trial or something?

    Maybe we should all play the game of “let’s sentence Zara”?

    Just sayin’.

  • PP

    Can either of you actually slip out of standard handcuffs at their tightest?

  • No, none of us can. Not even Zara.

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