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    There’s an easy way to use a waist chain like Anahi’s with Irish 8’s. As you’re about to lock the cuffs, pass the part between the wrists through the Martin link. That will lock the cuffs to the chain and also lock the chain on the waist. It’s especially effective behind the back.

    The Martin link is the square thing on the end of the chain that you pass through a link on the chain after you’ve adjusted it on the waist.

  • PP

    Has anybody tried my idea that combines an Irish 8 with a waist chain? It works very well, and it’s become a favorite. Behind the back it’s both comfortable and secure. You have no hope of slipping your hands under your butt. I can still get out with a key (which undoes everything), but that depends on how the cuffs fit. Irish 8’s that are fine in front can be too tight in the back because of how your forearms have to angle outwards.

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