• Skittlez

    Oh and no other cuffgirl there to help you out. Someone wanted to make sure you won’t get out of this one. :-)

    Really nice update!

  • Karl

    It was probably Zara that did this to her in the first place ;)

  • davecuffs

    After all those crazy updates, I guess that ending in a padded cell with a straightjacket was the logical consequence xD

  • Trevor

    those leg irons look so uncomfortable! you should really wear boots to protect your ankles.

  • The Toymaker

    I agree with Trevor, Metal leg irons should not be used on mental patients who are likely to struggle against their restraints. Some form of institutional restraint should be used. Something padded like leather or fabric (Humane Restraint or Posey cuffs ) so that the struggling patient can not injure herself

  • STGA

    (1) Adorable! (But then it’s Anahi, so adorable is rather a given….)
    (2) Great set design! A bunch of doonas really works as a padded cell. Hats off to the ingenuity of whomever thought of that.

  • Peter B.

    Glad it is a real Posey and not a replica!

  • KiFul

    great post

  • TOSH

    You seem to like straitjackets.
    If you want something different why not try a straitjacket the normal way with arms crossed/folded behind back with leg cuffs in a hogtie position for both you and zara.
    Stay safe.

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