• davecuffs

    A lot of people know what it means to be stick in an elevator. But you, ladies, have found a way to be stuck in the stairs.

  • Trevor

    Anahi’s boots are so cute! i bet the cuffs are more comfortable on the ankles when wearing boots

  • STGA

    Correct me if I am wrong, but what Anahi refers to as “neck cuffs” to go on her booted ankles actually were, originally, actually ankle cuffs made for prisoners who have extremely large ankles (because they’re physically very large guys, or because they have medical conditions like oedema which causes fluid retention and swollen ankles, or both).

    I know they’re sold as neck cuffs, but that wasn’t the original purpose. So I find Anahi’s comment amusingly circular.

  • Haha yes that is what I told her :) You are correct.

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