• PP

    Do you ever hang out wearing cuffs behind the back? In the front is too easy…

  • Cuffed

    Hands must always be behind the back. Key must not be available, either a timer or best if someone else is in control of the keys.

  • Preston

    Great update! I’ve always loved the idea of casual bondage, just hanging out in restraints and incorporating them into everyday into everyday activities. Its always a good way to make other activities more challenging and exciting. Also a great way to introduce someone to bondage. Instead of going straight into a “scene” with someone who is new, curious, or unsure, you can suggest the more playful and less intimidating possibility of putting cuffs on while just chilling and watching TV or something. It makes the cuffs part of a relaxed and fun environment, and is a good way to get someone comfortable with/used to being restrained before moving on to more restrictive and/or sexual situations.

  • davecuffs

    There’s nothing better than hanging out in handcuffs. And behind the back, because it’s the way to wear cuffs. It’s something I enjoy doing. It’s even better when leg irons are added ;)

  • PP

    Naked, too. Even if you aren’t going to do anything overtly sexual, being naked while cuffed behind the back greatly adds to the feelings of humiliation and erotic embarrassment that I really like from bondage. What if somebody sees me? If I’m also leg-ironed or chained to something, I couldn’t run away or hide…

  • Thank you all for your feedback! :D And I absolutely agree, Preston! It’s a great introduction to bondage, and also a fun way to spend time in general. :3

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