• STGA

    Pouty Anahi! ?

  • NiceCatch

    Great update

  • davecuffs

    Anahi, prison uniform, handcuffs and legirons, and bare feet ; a great recipe for a great update.

  • Blueprint

    Great post,
    I would love to see a video of Anahi getting tickled by Zara or someone else.
    If it is possible, please make a video of Anahi tied up and being tickled.
    Would love to see her armpits, upperbody and barefeet tickled.

  • PP

    Handcuffs linked behind-the-back to a waist chain is my absolute favorite. Do it more! For a real challenge, use a black box to cover the keyholes and put the padlock in front. I have managed to escape from this by fastening the padlock key to something and maneuvering my body to put the padlock on it.

    You can also use hinged cuffs behind the back with the keyholes up. If the cuffs have been passed through the Martin link to keep the waist chain locked on, you can’t slide the cuffs under your butt. You have to unlock the handcuffs behind your back. I’ve done that a few times too, but it’s a major challenge.

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