• Angel

    Amazing pictures! Ciao Anahi!

  • Darby collector

    Hogcuffed with standard handcuffs on your ankles? Wow that is really strict. I love super tight hogcuffs, but I can’t manage anything like that.

  • Steve Watts

    Hello, I’m more of a straitjacket fan than cuffs. I’ve just watshed your Cg 152 and enjoyed it.

    I used to own a posey red collar myself and enjoyed using it too. To help you get out of it you may want to try and get the sleeve buckle around to the front, easy with sleeves that loose. Push 1 arm into the sleeve as far as you can and pull the other outwards while trying to drag the buckle around at the same time. No matter how hard you try, getting an arm out of the sleeve is very hard as the jacket has no stretch anywhere, but it’s the same princible. Push 1 arm in and pull the other out, that’s the only way to get laeverage.
    my spelling may not be the best but it’s fun having a go.

  • Daniel

    I liked the previews and joined to get the video. Ouch, that was a tough positions, but once in while it’s nice to see you struggle.
    Two points: I think a vid like this would be better without shoes, because those shoes are .. ahem not soo cute, at least compared to your feet ;-)
    Also, in videos like this, I would prefer 2-3 minutes at start where you don’t have the key yet.

  • Jessica Hunter

    I love bondage I sometimes sleep with a ball gsge and hogcuff myself I love it wish I could make a career of it

  • Jessica

    Iv done this challenge take ur key and tie a string on your handcuff key I put it in a freezer cup when frozen take it out and put a ball gage in your mouth as and hogcuff urself now I have done this I have a bigger cup witch the first time I did this it took me about 8 hours to wait for the ice to melt I had a great time but it does hurt a bit to be in that position and us mouth gets sore but the more u do it the less it hurts I have more that I do I’ll have to post them soon

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