Lockdown home video

Message from my laptop during the current lockdown situation. I can’t meet with Zara to record fun handcuff videos but let’s hope this will all be over soon! My question is of course: how are you spending your lockdown time? I am in handcuffs most of the time, for practise and fun, and I am sure many of you are doing this too! Comment below!

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  • davecuffs

    It’s logical that a young woman who’s locked up ends up in handcuffs.
    On a more serious tone, I’m sending you a message of support for those difficult times.

  • PP

    If you cuff your hands behind your back, then you won’t be able to touch your face. Just as recommended by the health authorities!

    Hang in there. We’ll get through this.

  • chastity prisoner

    Dear Anahi, makes me feel sad to see you in lockdown at that place while you securely should have been locked up in the cell, safely shackled and chained to the bed :D. I would gladly have guarded you because I already recovered from (very mild) covid.
    I stay at home most of the time, in my corset and favorite dresses, and yes, often in cuffs and shackles.
    Good luck and hope to see you again in good health.

  • Andrew

    Wondering what your daily life is like at home. Perhaps not directly related to being in cuffs, but things around home. Your bedroom, closet, kitchen, outside nearby, favorite art, the comfy chair, any pets…
    Help us learn about YOU. Things you like. What makes you happy.

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