Throwback to Fan Day (Part 1)

There will be a new Fan Day in 2020!! For a few years, we did not organise one, but this year it will be time to have some cuffing fun again! We hope to see you all there!! You can cuff us, we can cuff you, you can take pictures, show us your collection, and have a nice relaxed afternoon! There will be drinks and cookies! Keep an eye on this website to see the date announcement!
Here is a video from a fan day (I think 3 years ago?) where a fan challenged Chrissy and me to escape from some cuffs!! (filmed by the fan)

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  • Keiv

    It is me, Keiv. The wrist cage was from me. I would look forward for a new fan day and would like to come. I have many new ideas for new challenges. ;)

  • Be sure to register!!

  • Keiv

    I would like. Now I see it is the 2 May 20, the day is the marriage of my cousin. So I can not come. :( But I hope there is another time.

  • PP

    Good to see both of you tightly cuffed *behind* the back. Just how many varieties of globe cuffs are there? I have a set with a different locking mechanism.

  • BB

    Would have loved a visit… but travel of any sort is a problem at the moment! Slightly bad timing

  • Ian

    Can you do a 24 hours challenge wearing a prison jumpsuit with normal restraint (bellychain, blue box, maybe tubes, connector chain, leg irons) in public doing stuff you would normally do?

  • max

    I wish I could go but I’m in the US :(

  • davecuffs

    I was at both Fan Days ; great memories. I know that because of the health crisis, it’s been postponed, but I look forward the next Fan Day

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