Social distancing games

Earlier this week, Zara hid a handcuff key in an abandoned building and I went there a few days later to see if I could find it. I locked myself in handcuffs and shackles, and I was only allowed to unlock myself if I could find Zara’s key. Might not be a really good idea, because it is hard to move through such a messy building in ankle cuffs!

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  • davecuffs

    I think that it would have been easier if you hadn’t worn high heels at the same time. Indeed, wearing both legirons and high heels makes it pretty hard.
    Take care during those difficult times

  • STGA

    Anahi, I must ask: what was that picture at the top left at the start of the video? It is sitting on top of what look like distribution boxes? It seems so out of place in that room. What this an easter egg you put in for us (appropriate given the time of year), or was it already there?

    And to Anahi, Zara, Chrissy and Fotoro, please look after yourselves.

  • sgs

    The high heel shoes look out of place. You need to be wearing something cute like ballet flats or keds champions.

  • BC

    I agree with SGS’s comment, I also hate the shoes. high heel and cuffs belong on a different kind of Web Site.

  • SA

    I have a suggestion for social distancing, you have access to a jail cell and you like to wear hand cuffs. Why don’t you have someone cuff your hands behind your back and lock you in the cell with no keys or any means of freeing yourself for a set amount of time. It would be like being quarantined. You decide how long it would be, but once you start you can’t change your mind, you will have to remain restrained and locked up for the full time. How long have you ever had you hands cuffed behind your back with no way of getting free by yourself? How long would you want to try for, a few hours or several days?

  • PP

    Well, one advantage of being cuffed behind your back is that you can’t touch your face, just as advised by the public health authorities. Lock them to a waist chain to keep you from sliding your hands under your butt, if you’re otherwise able to do that.

  • Sven

    Lovely pics and to be honest I think the high heels add to it as they make it a bit more challenging. Anahi always looks elegant in heels so don’t think they distract from the overall video.

    I hope you are all keeping safe, taking care and looking after yourselves.
    p.s. surprised you haven’t managed to incorporate face masks and gloves into a clip yet! :)

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