Escape a hogcuff! Magic!

Ok, now I am going to show you something that seems to be impossible. I will escape from a hogcuff! The key is hanging high above me so I can’t reach it, even if I manage to get my hands to the front. Because my hands are still connected to my ankles. But watch how I still escape, it is TRUE MAGIC!!

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  • STGA


  • Daniel

    That’s why I put a waistchain on you ;-)
    Dress and boots are “magic”, too.

  • Trevor

    love love love the boots with the ankle cuffs!

  • PP

    Ah, so you’ve finally learned my trick! Now try separating wrists from ankles while still behind your back.

    Oh, and when you’ve mastered *that*, add a waist chain. With hinge cuffs. Keyholes up. Gotta keep it interesting!

  • donny

    This is a particularly “magic”update. Anahi, you look incredible in those photos. A hogcuff can be one of the hardest positions to escape from, but you made it look easy. I agree with the others, those boots with those cuffs is a great match. Would you be able to escape if you also had hinged handcuffs on above the chain cuffs, I wonder?

  • Jerod

    The boots and skirt are THE best combo! Awesome!

  • PP

    Donny, it depends on the keyholes. Keyholes all down is easy. Hinged cuffs with keyholes up is very difficult though I’ve done it a few times. Pass the cuffs through the Martin link of a waist chain in back so the cuffs lock the chain in place and the chain keeps you from sliding the cuffs under your butt to the front. Even better, use a black box to cover the handcuffs and lock the excess chain in front. Now that lock has to come off first, and you can’t reach it. But I’ve done that too by wedging the key in a set of drawers and maneuvering the lock onto it. Takes practice!

  • donny

    PP, how do you escape hinged handcuffs with the keyholes facing up? That seems (and is designed to be) inescapable. I’ve tried it a few times with a play partner present and could not ever come close to getting the key in the keyhole. I was even wearing the Chicago 1200 which are pretty large, and wearing them loose, so I could move around a little.

    My question to the cuffgirls though is if she could escape the hogcuff in the update (key out of reaxh overhead) if also wearing hinged handcuffs, as that would make it much harder to skip the cuffs under and to the front, even without a waistchain, as the cuffs are so close together and more restrictive.

    Damn all this cuff talk has me in the mood to be in cuffs! Maybe I’ll wear something for a short while before getting out of bed.

  • PP

    donny, I won’t say it was easy but I did manage to do it a few times. I take a tapered pen and push it through the open round hole in the handle of the key to hold it at a right angle. I can usually eventually manage to work it into the keyhole, at least with a mirror. I can usually slip hinged cuffs under my butt, but not as reliably as regular chained cuffs because of the shorter distance between the wrists. They can’t be on too tight.