• STGA

    Awesome video, and Zara makes me laugh so much. But….

    I’m totally blown away by how Zara pronounced Anahi’s name, and now wondering if I’ve been pronouncing it incorrectly for the past 2 years.

  • Hehe, aww, thanks for the sweet words! :D

    Her name actually has “í” at the end, so that changes where the emphasis lies when you say it!

  • PP

    So did you ever get out? Or did the camera person eventually let you out?

    You got pretty close a few times. The bigger key should make it a little easier than Smith and Wesson or Peerless hinged cuffs with their keyholes up. Of course, the easiest way out is to slide them under your butt so you can work on them in front. If you can, that is. A belly chain can keep you from doing that, and if the cuffs lock the belly chain in place, you’re stuck.

    Also try it with Irish 8’s. I regularly get out of those behind my back because they’re not super tight.

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