New Speedcuffs! (yellow and blue)

A fan sent us these very rare and limited editions of speedcuffs! They are yellow and blue!! We love them so much! He told us we can keep them if we would do a video according to his instructions. Well, we tried and it was a lot harder than it seemed! We hope we did it right, because there should have been a way to escape, but we couldn’t work out how to get out!

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  • SW

    If you want it to work you two need to dress the same as the girls in the picture.

  • donny

    It will only be escapable if one of you has both your arms on the inside. If you each have one arm on the outside and on on the inside you will be stuck together even if you can start the escape. The person with their arms on the inside has to crouch down and let the other person step out over their arms, and also lift their arms up and over the crouching persons head. It will be tricky, don’t fall down!

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