Anahí arrested and locked up by Zara

‘It wasn’t me!’, I begged Zara. But Zara the ruthless prison guard did not believe me. She handled me very rougly, cuffing me in high security restraints and throwing me in a prison cell. She even attached the waist chain to the bars! I’m innocent!
Do you want to experience this? Check out this website where you can book a prison timeout session!! We both work there as guards occasionally :)

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  • davecuffs

    Hahaha. I guess karma’s a b*tch ; it’s so funny to see my guard Anahi end up in prison. That’s what happens when guards mistreat their inmates; I guess Zara found somewhere evidence of the cruel way Anahi behaved with her prisoners when she was a guard, and took some inspiration from it. Poor Anahi, you ended up with a guard even more ruthless than you were.
    PS : I wrote that comment handcuffed behind my back

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    Amazing update this time! Keep up the good work! Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, Anahi, and you clearly did something to be associated with it. ;p

  • Matt

    Anahi should try getting out of handcuffs with a paperclip.
    – a fan

  • donny

    So Anahi was the one who forgot to do the update on time? It wasn’t showing yesterday morning. Good idea to punish her. Maybe her leg irons should be extra snug and left on all night.

  • davecuffs

    Just seen the video ; I felt I went through a similar ordeal ; but Zara was meaner with Anahi than Anahi was with me

  • FLRN

    Amazing inmate, amazing guard

  • PP

    There another way to use a waist chain. Wrap the chain by itself (no cuffs) around the waist and put the special Martin link through a link to keep it tight. *Then* slide the black box and handcuffs onto the Martin link. Run the end of the chain through the Martin link to keep the cuffs from sliding off.

    Now padlock the end of the chain to the back of the waist, to the bars, whatever. The handcuffs stay tight against the waist, and they can’t come off until you pull the chain back out. It takes only one padlock to stop that, and if the prisoner can’t reach it she’s stuck.

    And for best results, do all this behind the back.

  • PP

    In fact, you don’t even need a padlock if there’s a clip on the end of the waistchain. Just attach it beyond her reach. Even with a handcuff key in her hand there’s no way out without help.

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