Special Guest! My friend Muriel from Germany!

A few weeks ago, I had a visit from a very special guest! It’s my friend Muriel from Germany! We had a lovely time and asked her if she wanted to record a video with me of us trying to get each other locked into a RigidFiddle and RigidStocks!

1920×1080 MP4


  • STGA

    I so admire (and envy) Anahi’s dexterity and the ease with which she manipulates padlocks and other small items when in restraint. It’s the same adroitness that you see from professional magicians, who have spent years practicing subtle and fine moves to support their act. It’s quite impressive.

    More generally, I love the guest format. I think most (probably all) subscribers love Zara and Anahi, but it’s fun to see someone new come in.

    Thank you. Great video.

  • jonathan

    Its nice to see what you do. I would love to see some wristwatches on you Anahi. Please consider it in a future Update.

  • We have some custom videos for sale with wristwatches :) anahi@cuffgirl.com

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