The ladder escape challenge!

This was a really difficult one! I was cuffed with Irish8’s to a ladder, and the key was sitting about halfway on the same ladder. I couldn’t reach it with my hands. I tried dropping it onto the floor and grabbing it with my feet, but I was leg ironed as well, so I couldn’t get the key into my hands. After a while, I found a solution! I wonder if you could have worked it out? It’s a very challenging escape puzzle!

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  • Roger d Hampson

    Push the ladder over to the floor ,key drops, move the ladder to where the key is and pick up key transfer to mouth and begin process of turning the lock , not easy ,to be applied with care but doable

  • She did it in a much safer way :)

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    Anahí proves that sometimes going barefoot as a prisoner helps in escape after all!

  • Andy

    The cover photo – closeup hugging the ladder – is stunning. One of the most erotic poses you have ever done. A++++

  • PP

    Yes, it is a great photo, isn’t it? Even better is my favorite position: Irish 8s behind the back. It’s a much more comfortable position than stacked or palms out, but inescapable without the key.

    Whether you can get yourself out with the key depends on the cuffs’ exact size relative to your wrists. I use the “small” KUB leg irons (high security version with pin tumbler lock) as handcuffs, and with the key I can easily get out. The “large” KUB handcuffs (which are smaller than the leg irons) are inescapable, but I can’t tolerate them behind the back for more than about 10 minutes; they’re just too tight.

  • Jakes

    Anahi on the run with the shackles on here bare feet would be great!

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