Workout in cuffs!

For some reasons I am not going to mention here, I wasn’t able to work out for about a month! And now we are back in lockdown, so I need to find a way to stay fit in my own home. It is very boring, so I always try to add cuffs to make it more fun! Do you always add cuffs to your workouts? Please comment below!

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  • Markus

    Hey Anahi,

    maybe you should switch the light cuffs for heavy shackles for these exercises to add some more weight, or try to make crunches and other abs exercises in the fiddle :-)

    This would surely improve your workout..

  • Nunya

    My workouts include heavy squats, deadlifts, bench presses, over head presses etc. Not exactly something one could do with cuffs on.

  • Trevor

    So sad! Anahi just got out of a one month lockdown and now has to go back into a different lockdown.

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    Yoga is a great way for high risk prisoners to exercise given their constraints!

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