Cuffed in bed

Lockdown is so boring! I just spend time in bed a lot, reading and listening to music. In handcuffs of course. Sometimes I call Zara to see if she wants to come over to try some suggestions from you, but otherwise it’s pretty lonely. Let’s hope this situation will end soon!

1920×1080 MP4


  • Dani

    These days it is nice to have a lazy morning in cuffs and linger in bed, isn’t it?

    I’ll usually wake up early, put on a pair of leg irons or shackles, and pick a pair of handcuffs out but just put them under my pillow, and go back to sleep.

    When I wake up again, later, I’ll play with the handcuffs and different positions for a while, until EVENTUALLY I have to take them off and get up! Taking them off is the worst part! I really wish I could wear at least the leg cuffs all day every day.

  • SGS

    Hands need to be behind the back and no key or means of escape

  • PP

    SGS: agreed!

  • Murk

    Just curious, what are Anahi’s favorite handcuffs?

  • PP

    I’d say they look like the Peerless 700C.

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