Folded and cuffed

Ok guys, this was a very hard position! I folded myself in half wearing handcuffs and leg irons. You would think my back was hurting a lot, but there is a trick on how you can do this position safely! Please watch the video to find out!
As a little treat for you, this video is only 1 EURO!! Have some fun and treat yourself to the secret of this trick!!

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  • Heino

    I tried to buy if. paypal alwas just asking me to add a card.. and can not get passed that. even then a add new card..

  • Yes unfortunately Paypal has partially blocked our account. You know, because it is very naughty content.
    Some cards are not accepted.
    Sometimes, you can get around it by putting money on your paypal balance and then using that balance to buy a clip.
    But it changes all the time. It will be harder and harder to sell content in the future, get used to it :(

  • Peter

    Same for me. You should think about another way how we can pay for your content.

  • CCbill should work fine and is MUCH cheaper :)

  • itsMicLikeMicrophone

    Amaze video! very glad to support you guys for the time i can
    wow thank you for your service
    Enjoy your dayyyyyyy!

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