Hardware store cuffs?

So we went to the hardware store and found these things! We don’t know what they are exactly, but they looked like cuffs so we bought them. These are so cool! You can close them with a screwdriver and they have soft padding on the inside. We also got a bolt to connect them together. If this is going to work, we have gained a very cheap pair of cool cuffs! Please comment below: did you ever make cuffs from things you found at the hardware store?

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  • STGA

    With friends into BDSM, I play a game involving hardware stores. Anahi, I think I told you about this one time we were chatting.

    You go to one of those huge hardware stores with 50 or more aisles, and you pick a random number then walk to that aisle. Your task, individually, is then to find what a YouTube poster called “pervertables” – vanilla items which you can turn into bondage toys (just like Anahi and Zara have done with these plumber’s supplies). The best idea wins, then you go to another aisle and another and another.

    It’s easy if you get the aisle with the chains or padlocks, but much harder if you get the fertilizer aisle, or the plant section. This is where creativity comes in, and it’s quite amazing how many things you can find which can be perverted into bondage toys.

    Anyway, hope everyone doesn’t mind me sharing. You can use it in other stores like department stores, or stores which sell electronic components too, or even large supermarkets to an extent. But it’s easiest in hardware stores.

  • PP

    Kinky people here call Home Depot (a major US hardware/home improvement chain) “Dom Depot” because it’s so full of pervertables. I think you found padded clamps used to mount pipes in high vibration environments. Driveway reflectors make good paddles, as do paint stirrers (often free.) Ordinary hose clamps also make good handcuffs, though you have to be careful with their sharp edges. Heavy work belts make good bondage belts. And there’s plenty of the obvious stuff like zip ties, rope, chain and padlocks.

    But nothing beats actual handcuffs for their ease of getting in/difficulty of getting out ratio. After all they’re designed for the purpose.

  • STGA

    “Dom Depot” – like that.

    The fun thing is that a couple of my kink-friendly but not actually kinky friends have played, and surprised me with some cool ideas. My best friend from Uni, for example, isn’t into BDSM, but has fantastic concepts.

    Also, yes, that’s exactly what those clamps are. I’ve seen them before. One thing I recommend against is those screw-tightener hose clamps with ratchet mechanisms as restraints: it seems like an obvious use, but they’re really dangerous. These padded ones with a more traditional squeezing action are fine.

  • STGA

    Oh, also, loctite on the threaded bolt between the cuffs would work well…

  • PP

    Yeah, those hose clamps can be nasty if you’re not careful. They have sharp edges and take time to fasten and unfasten.

    Two more hardware store pervertibles: the “cablecuff” is a single plastic handcuff-like device designed to bundle cables together. You can use it where you’d use a zip tie but it’s heavier and reusable. Its kinky applications are so obvious that the package warns against applying it to “any body part”. It has a large release tab so it can’t really be used as more than a toy handcuff.

    And there’s the Master Street Cuffs, a pair of heavy locking cuffs sold as bicycle locks. They’re padded to minimize scratching so they make good high security leg irons. But they’re not as adjustable, and they cost as much (or more) than the real thing.

  • PP

    Oh, another useful piece of hardware is the “panic snap”. I don’t see them at the local hardware store but they are on Amazon. They disconnect chain or rope easily even under considerable tension. Greatly improves safety in any kind of suspension play. Heard about them at the local bdsm workshops.

  • luke

    hi ;)
    i made foot cuffs out of them.. for only 4€.
    if you are interested in how they work and made , you can mail me back and i’ll send you a few pictures :)

    Greetings from germany

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