Reverse prison uniform challenge!

So we got a fan request to try this strange but intriguing challenge! I’m wearing a prison uniform BACKWARDS, while Zara chains me in a fairly standard prison style configuration: waist chain with blue box and a connector chain to leg irons. Now the key is going to be in my chest pocket, which is now ON MY BACK! Will I be able to escape?! It turned out to be a very frustrating challenge!

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  • PP

    Another way to use a waist chain like yours is to tighten it on the waist *before* you attach the black box. Pass the rectangular end (it’s called a “Martin Link”) through a link in the chain to make it as snug (or loose) around the waist as you want. *Then* pass the end of the Martin link through the slot in the black box, and run the loose end through the Martin link to hold it all in place.

    Try all this behind the back. At least your hands would be closer to the keys in the shirt pocket!

  • Trevor

    the uniform gets a little loose this way. perhaps buckling a collar over the jumpsuit’s collar would keep everything in place a little better?

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