The very mean Irish8 position

Did you know there is a super evil Irish8 position for your legs?! In this video, I will demonstrate this on Zara. She will get completely stuck and it will hurt a lot if she tries to move. It’s perfect! I left her there for quite a while hahaha :)

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  • Karl

    Given that she can slip her hands out of the smallest ones, I feel like this is only justice ;)

  • PP

    I have and like the large version of the leg irons. I also use the “small” leg irons as handcuffs because even the “large” handcuffs are too small for me, at least behind the back. Both are the “high security” models with pin tumbler locks. I think they’re actually easier to get out of with the key since the lock is self-guiding. But without the key, no way…

    But you have to be careful. The edges are rounded, but it’s still a problem if they get twisted into your ankles. You can use them in a hogcuff if you’re careful that the connecting chain pulls on your ankles at right angles.

  • PP: Yeah, gotta make sure they’re not cutting into you! But that sounds like you have a lot of fun!

    Hey Karl, that’s just completely unfair, and I take issue with that!!

    But also very true so I forgive you. 😁😂

  • PP

    Right, Zara. The main problem with any hogcuff position is the tension your legs put on your handcuffs. You can fix this by chaining your ankle cuffs (and hand cuffs) to a chain (or belt) around your waist and letting it take the tension from your ankles.

    You can do this with two Irish 8’s (one for ankles, one for hands), a waist chain and a single padlock to hold the hogtie together. The secret is that you can lock Irish 8’s to the waist chain (and the chain on your waist) by passing the Martin Link first through the chain behind your back to make it snug around your waist, and then lock it and your hands in place by passing the center part of the Irish 8 (the section that comes together between your wrists) through the hole in the Irish 8s as you close them. Now you can loop the free end of the chain around the the Irish 8’s (or other leg irons) on your ankles and tighten it up with the padlock. If you have any free chain left, padlock it to something for extra security.

    I regularly get out of this, by the way. But only if I have the keys.

  • PP

    I meant to say that you pass the center part of the Irish 8 handcuffs through the hole in the *Martin link* as you close the cuffs. This locks the cuffs to the chain and the chain to your waist. Snug (and inescapable without the keys) but still comfortable, the best kind of bondage position.

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