600 updates! The Big Prison Challenge!

600 updates!! Wow, that’s 12 years! We are so happy we can still do this website after all this time! To celebrate, we decided to do a Big Prison Challenge! We are both guards at BondageTimeout.com and we have locked up many inmates already (read the guest book there if you want to know about it). Now we want to try and experience what they have been through. We are locked in the actual BondageTimeout prison cell, in waist chains and ankle cuffs. And we are going to be this for 8 HOURS! We asked not to be let out under any circumstances, even if we begged for it. We will be cuffed and locked up for EIGHT HOURS. This was just the start of the Big Prison Challenge, we are still quite happy here, chatting along and sharing some of our stories as guards for BondageTimeout.com. Stay tuned for more of this challenge!

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