The neck cuffed Clejuso hogcuff race!

The what? Well, to make it simple: we got stuck in this very bad situation (as Zara put it). We were both hogcuffed. And neck cuffed to each other. And were going to do a race to see who would get out first. Not helping each other! The problem is, we had heavy Clejuso cuffs on our wrists, so we needed 2 different keys to escape! It was chaos!

1920×1080 MP4


  • LG

    How long were you both spent cuffed ?

  • davecuffs

    But isn’t that exactly the king of chaos you both enjoy a lot?

  • PP

    Hogcuffing is great, but can you do a contest without neck cuffs? I feel like one of you is about to decapitate the other. If you need to be tethered together, try something like connected waist chains.

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