Cuffed and shackled in the forest

Finally, the weather is getting a bit better! I like to explore the forest in cuffs and leg irons, but I always forget to check if I have the keys (or I am with someone who doesn’t want to give me the keys…). And what if someone suddenly appears, I mean there isn’t much privacy in overpopulated Holland, we don’t have any remote nature, there’s people EVERYWHERE. Oh well, they will probably think I am a little crazy :D

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  • I love this if iwii be cuffed do same to mem

  • Cal

    If you see someone coming, do you try to take off your cuffs quickly and discreetly before they can see you? Or hide off the path?

  • Paul

    A good walk in the nature and taking some fresh air. What else to forget a long stay in jail???

  • Nunya Bidness

    What is the craziest interaction you have had with a random stranger who discovered you walking around wearing handcuffs?

  • STGA

    I must admit to the same curiosity as Cal! How do you manage the behind the scenes risk? Obviously I see Fotoro’s (?) hand holding the keys and presumably the camera, but even so, I’m curious.

  • Joker

    Barefoot, prisoners on the run should be barefoot and shackled with steel on the skin :-)

  • justme

    Not very interesting, if the hands are cuffed in front I won’t take the time to watch it. The posts were a lot better a few years ago. I remember Chrissy and Anahi walking outdoors with their hands cuffed behind the back, also sleeping hog cuffed.


  • Actually, she gets cuffed behind the back, but after a while she slips them to the front :D

  • PP

    Waist chains and lock boxes are very effective at keeping cuffed hands behind the back!

  • CH

    I agree with just me, and PP, good input. Hands in front is as effective as asking someone to put their hands in their pockets and pretending they are restrained.

  • pan

    I love the outdoor updates, this is great! You are braver than me lol, I’d love to do something like this but really don’t like the idea of people seeing me. Nothing wrong with having hands cuffed in front, gives you more freedom to do other stuff and still enjoy being cuffed! However I agree that something more restrictive is preferred when possible, I like to be cuffed behind my back rather than in front, unless of course my handcuffs are connected to a waist chain in which case front is just fine. If weather is warm enough, barefoot would be nice too. I LOVE walking around parks/trails without shoes I can only imagine how much fun it would be if cuffed as well.

  • PP

    I get the impression that people are a little more tolerant in Europe (especially NL) than the US, and less likely to be busybodies. But I’m sure there are limits, and I would hope that someone in NL would still intervene if you were in actual trouble. Being tied up in front of strangers is a great fantasy but in reality too many things can go wrong. There’s also the issue of consent in any BDSM activity, which includes spectators as well as participants.

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