The Big Prison Challenge – water and bread

We really underestimated how looooooooong eight hours are. If you are in a cell, with nothing to do, in waist chains and leg irons, it becomes very challenging. Fortunately, we were not alone. But still, we ran out of things to say after 20 minutes… Good thing there were some distractions. An unseen guard shoved things towards our cell. Like a pair of neck cuffs. Which we locked on (NOT a good idea, but you will see that later). And some water and fancy bread!! It wasn’t much, but at least it was something to do!

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  • Arnold

    8 hours is such a long time to be locked in a cell while wearing a waist chain with handcuffs and leg irons. What is the longest either of you have been handcuffed behind the back for? Same question with leg irons

  • davecuffs

    I’m so jealous; when I was locked up, I could only get water, no fancy bread. That said, it’s fitting you get the neck cuffs. Because, frankly, even with the waist chain, having your wrists cuffed in front is WAY too much freedom.

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