Another escape challenge gone wrong

Well, I thought it would be a great idea to cuff ourselves with handcuffs hanging from the ceiling, with the key laying on the floor. Turns out it’s not a great idea. Don’t try this at home! The only way to get the key into your hands is to take off your shoes, grab it with your toes and then throw it up (with your leg) and catch it. The problem is, we had a big hole in the ceiling to hang the chains from. And of course… the key went flying into the hole. No chance of escaping after that…

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  • PP

    So how did you get out?

  • Who says they got out 😂

  • kittin

    One little addition for anyone who finds their friend or roomie in this situation: Don’t forget to have a water pistol in the refrigerator or icebox for use on a squirmy dangling target. Yeah, you can move in close and use ice cubes, but you might get kicked. And if you feel like it, you can put a second water pistol in the freezer to get cold whele you’re emptying the first one…slowly. Oh, you can keep alternating like that for hours, I know! Just don’t let the water gun freeze up.

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