• PP

    That’s still not quite right. Pass the blue piece on the end of the chain (the “Martin link”) through the chain *BEFORE* you stick it through the slot in the handcuff box. *THEN* pass the free end of the chain through the Martin link to hold the box in place. Now wrap the free end to the back and padlock it in place.

    Or you can do the whole thing in reverse, with hands and box in back and the lock in front. In that case, the hands will be parallel to the body so orient the box so the slot is toward the body.

  • PP

    I’ve managed to get out of this a few times. I wedge the key into something like a bookshelf or cabinet so it sticks out, then maneuver the lock onto it. It’s actually much easier with the hands behind the back so the lock is in front where you can see it. Using the clip on the end of the chain instead of (or in addition to) the lock would actually be much harder.

  • Roger d Hampson

    That’s truly imaginative and as you say inescapable ,would love to try that,I’d have to come to Holland though

  • PP

    The advantage of my way is that you don’t have to tighten the excess chain to keep the whole thing snug and and the box and cuffs secure. As long as the excess chain passes through the end of the Martin link, the handcuff box can’t slide off and everything remains tight. You can still lock the end of the chain where the prisoner can’t reach it, or to something immovable to keep her from getting away.

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