A walk in butterfly cuffs

I was happily walking around in my butterfly cuffs, exploring nature and enjoying the park, when suddenly a lot of people approached! I begged for the key, but my camera person (who I shall not name) just gave it to me instead of unlocking me!! Now I had to race against the clock to get out of these cuffs, which is not easy!!!

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  • PP

    Should have been behind your back…

  • Sw

    I agree with PP . On a scale of 1 to 10, hands in front 30% hands behind the back 100%

  • Jim

    Just as well they had the key and didn’t leave it behind.

  • AH

    Keys and any tools that could open the handcuffs should be left at home in a safe place. Part of wearing handcuffs is when you realize you are restrained and can’t do anything to free yourself. You will now feel what it is like to not be in control.

  • James

    Love the butterfly cuffs – they are unique, restrictive and look beautiful on you. Hope to see more of them in the future!

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