Palms out Irish8 and thumbcuffs

Irish8 palms out is extremely strict!! But what if your Irish8’s are just a tiny bit too big and your cuffing victim can turn her wrists back? Well, then you can add a pair of thumbcuffs. This prevents turning the wrists back and you will be incredibly stuck! No escape possible, even if you have the keys. Do not try this at home!

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  • James

    Awesome update! Irish 8s always look great.

    Poor Anahi left alone on the floor – hope you weren’t kept in those cuffs for too long : )

  • James Ellis Jones

    Finally a correctly secured prisoner in Irish 8s:), most people can rotate their wrists in the rounded snapshut 8s (the darby styles are more difficult), so thumbcuffs should always be added. Thumbcuffs (With the keyholes towards the wrists) are always a good addition if you don’t want your friend to get out without your help (as Anahi obviously discovered).

  • Cuffed

    This is great, hands behind back and unable to free yourself. Anahi should redo the walk in the park wearing these and have a relaxing day like this.

  • SAW

    Nice to see an effective handcuffing post. I do not enjoy all the Houdini escape shows with keys and escape tools hidden all over the place.

  • PP

    I love Irish 8’s but they’re pretty uncomfortable with palms out. How long can you take them?

    If you want inescapability, just get the snap-shut high security version with the pin tumbler locks – and hide the keys. Or cinch them closed with a regular handcuff. You probably can’t reach the keyhole.

  • VH

    Big improvement in what you are posting. I may start following CuffGirl again.

  • DL

    Would like to see more of the Irish 8. What about the arms parallel in the small of the back?

  • PP

    I’m not fond of the “stacked” (arms parallel) position with Irish 8’s. If you don’t keep your arms perfectly parallel, the edges of the cuffs dig into your wrists. Palms together, behind the back is very comfortable; I can take it for hours. And it’s completely secure without the key.

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