12 kilo chain escape

As Zara put it: ‘so in a never ending spiral of worse and worse ideas, we cuffed ourselves to 12 kilo chains with the key hanging high above us’. Yes, that was really what we did. Fortunately, I am a lot stronger than Zara, she couldn’t even lift the chain. I should have left her there hahahha!!

1920×1080 MP4


  • Jos

    I’ve got an idea for an escape position to try.
    Left arm cuffed to the right bed post, right arm cuffed to the left so your arms are crossed. Each ankle cuffed to a bed post (left to left, right to right) to stop you just rolling over.
    The key is in your trousers pocket.

  • Narz

    How about both chains one one person?

  • Remon

    Put the chains on your feet and lock yourself in the prisoncel for couple off hours.

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    You guys have spent enough time in prison for your crimes, so it is about time they downgraded you to the dungeon.

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