Shoulder chain

Did you know about the shoulder chain handcuffing technique? You probably didn’t. I was nice enough to show it to Zara, and then I released her so she could try it on me. Of course, she did not release me and I had to try and escape from this myself, while she went off to have a muffin!! Geeeeeeez!!

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  • Roger

    I am sure I would enjoy being handcuffed like that possibly in a timeout situation

  • fredy

    interesting handcuffs I wonder if it’s crossed in front or just loosely stretched under the shoulders?

  • PP

    The chain does not have to cross the throat for this position to be highly effective, and I would definitely avoid it for safety reasons. You can, however, make this position even more secure (and interesting) with a longer chain that extends around the waist and between the legs. You can also take the pressure off the neck by adding a chain between the back of the neck and the waist.

  • The chain does not cross the throat!! Did you watch the video?

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