New KUB handcuffs!

Hi guys, we have some new cuffs from KUB Industries! In this video, we are going to try them and give you an honest review! Do you know these cuffs? Or do you have any KUB cuffs yourself? Please leave a comment, we want to know what you think about these!

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  • Roger

    They look solid and heavy ,which are two qualities I like when wearing handcuffs . They look perfect for wearing for long extended periods,would be quite exciting

  • You are so goofy! Love you two!! x

  • donny

    They are very nice! I’ve got the same pair, in a larger size. They also make the matching leg irons!

    Everything KUB makes is high quality, with a great finish, very comfortable and HEAVY and secure! You should definitely get more of their cuffs, especially some of the Darby style shackles.

  • PP

    KUB makes good stuff. My favorites are the high security Irish 8’s. They come in five sizes: three handcuffs and two leg irons. They’re all the same design, and the “medium” leg irons make good handcuffs for guys with larger wrists.

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