The secret to stricter hogcuffs

So if you have followed this blog, you will hopefully know by now how to do a hogcuff with a pair of handcuffs and a pair of ankle cuffs. But the chain on ankle cuffs is quite long, and your feet can usually still move a lot. We have a secret that makes hogcuffs much stricter and tighter! What this very useful tutorial video to learn how to do this at home!

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  • Dan

    I hope you will do an escape challenge or race with the strict hogcuff!

  • PP

    There are many ways to tighten a hogcuff, but they quickly become painful when they pull too hard on the wrists. I suggest padlocking both hand and leg cuffs to a chain around the waist. Very snug and secure but actually quite comfortable.

  • Snowman

    Did this today and really enjoyed it

    Point of a hogcuff is to be restrictive so yeah its definitely nice to tighten it up and not be able to move feet around so much

    Felt great and will feel even better when I do this and someone else has the key

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