Orange handcuffs!

We just had to try the new orange handcuffs with the prison jumpsuit… at least that’s what Zara thought. I wasn’t so happy about being the prisoner AGAIN, but she insisted. Of course, we tried to find out if the new orange handcuffs fit in the blue box, because otherwise they would be useless for a secure prison cuffing. No worries, they work fine! And the new orange cufflock is quite cute too!

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  • NAP

    Nice tight waste chain. Could have had matching orange nail polish! Like the cop in denim shorts.

  • PP

    Using the cuff-keyed padlock that way kinda defeats the whole point of the bluebox, since she can now pick the padlock, remove the bluebox, and work on the handcuffs. You’re supposed to hold the bluebox in place with the end of the chain, which you then draw around to the back and lock in place with the padlock where she can’t reach it. She can’t get out even with a key in hand.

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