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Zara puts me in Segufix

As you all know, Zara works as a guard for the BondageTimeout.com facilities in the Netherlands. Many people have wondered about the Segufix experience there. And today, Zara is going to demonstrate on me how to put someone in Segufix. Of course, in a BondageTimeout booking, she will be much stricter, adding lots more straps (including the head strap), but in case you were in doubt about booking a timeout: watch this video! Zara can be really nice too!

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Prison mitts and boots

We have new mitts and boots! They are orange, so we call them our ‘prison mitts and boots’. These soft restraints use Segufix magnetic locks, so they are also suitable for Segufix play! But today we are going to show you these in combination with handcuffs and ankle cuffs! It’s very hard to escape when you are cuffed wearing these!!

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BondageTimeout Tour!


So Zara is one of the guards you can book at BondageTimeout.com! For those of you who don’t know what that is: it is a facility in the Netherlands where you can experience restraints! It is NOT a BDSM session! It is only for people who want to get cuffed and arrested, spend ALL the time in restraints in the prison cell, or get strapped into Segufix restraints in the hospital room. In this video and picture tour, Zara takes you through the facilities and tells you about her experiences and what you can expect when you book some restraint time at BondageTimeout.com!

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Video diary: Segufix wrist restraints

It’s time to show you something soft! In most hospitals, handcuffs and leg irons are sadly not allowed. But what if the patient keeps trying to kill himself? Or if she attacks the medical staff? Well, then they are restrained with soft and cute restraints called Segufix. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I have managed to get a pair of Segufix wrist cuffs, and today I will show you and Anahí how they work!
These cuffs are really soft, they have velcro closure to make them really tight around the wrist and then they are locked by a pin and a mysterious black cap. Once the cap is on, it is impossible to remove it. Unless you have a special (secret) red magnetic tool! How cool is that!? Well, you can judge for yourself by watching this week’s webcam video! :)

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