BondageTimeout Tour!


So Zara is one of the guards you can book at! For those of you who don’t know what that is: it is a facility in the Netherlands where you can experience restraints! It is NOT a BDSM session! It is only for people who want to get cuffed and arrested, spend ALL the time in restraints in the prison cell, or get strapped into Segufix restraints in the hospital room. In this video and picture tour, Zara takes you through the facilities and tells you about her experiences and what you can expect when you book some restraint time at!

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  • Carlos

    I will geting arrested, and handcuffed me on the back

  • rotkonijn

    Anahi has disappeared from the pics!!! Is she no longer a guard?

  • That is correct, Monday the 28th is her last available day if you want to get her as your guard for the very last time :)

  • NAP

    So is Zara the only guard now or is there a new jailer helping to keep bad people locked up? Shame Anahi is leaving though.

  • There is a new guard already, she will be announced soon!

  • NAP

    How exciting – when’s the big reveal?

  • The most important thing in a bdsm relationship is that you trust each other completely and communicate clearly. Discuss what you find horny, what you expect and where your limits are. Be open to the other person’s fantasies, but don’t do anything you don’t want. Also, always agree on a stop word/safeword for when things get too intense. And then immediately use a word that spontaneously gives you a dry ditch or limp dick.

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