Lady size waist chains!

Remember when Chrissy received two custom made waist chains from a fan?! Me and Chrissy have used them a lot over the years. They are so much better than the standard waist chains (those are too big for girls, even on the smallest loop). We went outside with them, tried to spend a whole day in them, and had lots of other adventures. But somehow they ended up in a box and I didn’t show them to Zara yet! Needless to say, Zara was very excited about these, because she is even smaller than me and Chrissy!

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  • Daniel

    Jumpsuit + pantyhose, yummy.

    Please do an update with wrists crossed behind the back (right arm goes to left cuff). That has been requested for ages ;-)

  • davecuffs

    I think that those waist chains would fit me pretty well; after all, I’m not that much taller than Anahi

  • PP

    Try rotating the chain 90 degrees around your waist so one of the cuffs is in the middle of your back. Apply a set of irish-8s palms together behind the back and then use the waist chain cuff between your wrists to hold the irish-8s to your waist. It’s comfortable but absolutely inescapable because you can’t reach the keyhole in the cuff.

    Just make sure that your friend can get a key into the keyhole. If a standard key won’t fit you can use a training key. They’re very short keys with knobs and a magnet to hold them in place. They’re sold at most of the police supply places along with handcuffs. They’re good to have on hand for any case where you might not have room for a standard key.

  • Dani

    Waist chains are nice because they are the most comfortable of all restraint positions. I’m glad the cuff girls have these smaller versions. Will you go outside in them again?

    PP, your idea is creative. I would add that you could first lock the front cuff of the waist chain to the other cuff girl or to a wall.

    The training keya mentioned are very cool. I have a pair of Smith and Wesson 1900 leg irons that I keep the training keys in, for when I want an easy on/off pair of leg irons. If you used the Smith and Wesson 1900 M & P version, you wouldn’t ever need a real key to play with these, as they have finger activated double locks.

    Do note though that the small knobs on the training keys can be difficult to turn depending on hand position. I almost got stuck once as I had magnetic training keys in both of my handcuffs, behind my back, palms out. I couldn’t get a hold of the key knob, or remove it to use a regular key. Normally I can’t rotate my wrists in Smith and Wesson handcuffs but I had to in order to escape, very lucky I could !

  • PP

    There are two types of training keys, one with a knurled knob and the other with a hex head. The hex version can be turned by a small wrench if necessary. Be very careful not to turn it too hard and break the lock, the cuff might have to be sawed off!

    I recently threw out a set of defective cuffs that couldn’t be opened or the key removed. The key flag slipped past the latch inside, trapping the key. Cops say this is a common failure. Fortunately this never happened while they were on me (or anyone).

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