Laundry time


I get so many requests for showing my daily routine in cuffs, so here is another installment: doing laundry! It takes a little more time, because you have to remember your wrists are connected, which makes it hard to set up the laundry rack and unfold the washing. Sorry about the noise of the leg irons chain on the tile floor, it’s a good sound, but maybe a bit too loud in the video? Now I wonder, is there anyone out there who does their washing in cuffs? Or is it just me?

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Video diary: checking Ebay for handcuffs

Where do I buy my handcuffs? Well, actually I just buy them everywhere. Mostly online, of course, it’s so convenient! I also receive a lot of cuffs from fans, just to try out, to borrow, or even keep! I want to extend my collection all the time, but I don’t really have enough money to buy everything I want (I guess everyone has that problem). I often check Ebay to see if there are some nice second hand cuffs or other handcuff collectables, like earrings or t-shirts. Here’s me surfing Ebay for more stuff! Handcuffed of course :-)

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Video diary: Escape gone wrong

I often get this question: ‘Do your escape attempts always succeed? Or do you just post the ones that worked?’. The answer is: I don’t always succeed in escaping. Like this week’s attempt: I was trying to self-record a video diary of how to escape from 3 pairs of LIPS handcuffs, keyholes on the inside. But I just couldn’t do it for some reason. I have managed it in the past. I ended up having to call a friend and waiting for an hour to be released. Since a lot of you seem to be doing self bondage (I receive so many emails about it), I guess this could be a warning!! Do not assume you can get out of anything and always have someone standing by to rescue you!

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Workout! In hinged cuffs and leg irons!


Workouts are boring! It’s hard to get enough exercise, but I have found a way to make it much more interesting. I lock myself to the 2kg weights and my little rule is that the handcuffs can not come off until I have done enough lifting. Do this every day and you will be (almost) as strong and fit as I am… LOL…

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Video diary: the KUB Irish 8 handcuffs

Today I will show you my KUB Irish 8 cuffs, I like them very much. They are smooth and comfortable, and they snap shut without warning LOL. The only problem is putting them on yourself. In this video diary you will see two takes, because I could not get the cuffs to close while sitting at the table. So I moved to the floor and did a second take. It’s easier when I can use my knees to snap them shut. I really love these, I have to get more pairs, so I can really immobilize my wrists completely! I wonder if I will be able to close multiple pairs on my wrists… hmm and what about getting them off again?

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Making pancakes in handcuffs and ankle cuffs


This has got to be one of the best updates yet!! I will show you how a full restraint set (handcuffs, ankle cuffs, connector chain) does not bother me at all in my daily routine. LOL, okay I don’t eat pancakes daily (I wish!), but making pancakes in cuffs is a very good example of how I like to make normal boring things a little more challenging! Actually, I am spending a lot of time in these restraints the last few weeks, because I want to feel what it is like to be a real prisoner! Watch me make pancakes and eat them in this update! I assure you, it will inspire you to do this at home!

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Video diary: picking some cuffs for a simple escape

Just a quick vlog to show off some of my collection, as many of you are interested to see it. I like to put all my cuffs in a big heap and pick some nice ones to lock onto my wrists. I ended up in three pairs of handcuffs (very tight!) and my thumbcuffs. Unlocking them was not very tricky, but then again, I can not take too much risk when I am recording these vlogs, as there is no one here to help me ;-)

Note: this is not my complete collection, just what I could find lying around the house LOL…

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ASP rigid handcuffs!

Yessss! New handcuffs again! I saw these on the internet: absolutely NO ONE has these in their collection! They are soooo cool, and now I own a pair! They are the ASP rigid handcuffs. What is so special about these? Well, they are a bit similar to the Hiatt’s Ultimate, but I think they are much better :-) The cuffs are really smooth, and they fit my wrists perfectly. There is a third keyhole to unlock the hinge, I totally love that feature. This week I will show you how they work, but don’t get a pair for yourself, because I would like to be the only collector who has these ;-)

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What cuffs do I sleep in?


A nice question from a blog reader: ‘What kind of cuffs do you usually sleep in, Chrissy?’. Well, usually none (sorry to disappoint you). But I have tried sleeping cuffed. It was a little awkward at first, waking me up lots of times during the night, but after a few practise nights I can now sleep normally in cuffs. Leg irons and handcuffs, of course! As I found out, it’s important to double lock them! You can probably imagine why that is. I prefer to sleep with my hands cuffed in front, but I have done a few nights behind my back too (not as comfortable). Who knows, I might even try taking a nap hogcuffed in the future!
Oh, by the way, changed my hair color again… the blonde wasn’t really a good look I think ;-)

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Sitting hogtie

Here is something that I have seen a lot of people do, but haven’t really tried myself: a sitting hogtie. It is basically just cuffing myself behind my back, attaching the cuffs to my leg irons by another pair of cuffs. Did you get that? LOL. Well, it turns out it’s a dead easy challenge. I’m not sure I can even call this one a challenge. It seems that no one can come up with real hard positions these days! Come on, send me some inescapable ones! Haha :-)

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First fan meeting! Playing draughts in speedcuffs

Some visitors of my blog have been emailing me about their biggest wish: meeting me! Can you imagine that? Someone’s biggest wish is meeting me? LOL! So I have decided to meet some fans, but only if they appear sane and reasonable in their emails (I get some crazy stuff in my inbox). The first lucky guy wishes to remain anonymous, he just wanted to play a game of draughts with me in speedcuffs. We had a great time, even though I did not know anything about this game. I kept saying ‘check mate’ hahaha :-) It’s not hard to predict who won, but that is not the point. We had a nice afternoon and I made someone very happy!
Thinking about organising a fan day… Any thoughts about that? Please comment below!

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Practise practise practise

If you want to be really good at something, you have to practise a lot! So I try to practise every evening, or at least cuff myself every day. Here is a hard one: escaping from hinged cuffs behind the back, keyholes facing away from hands. It will take some attempts, but you can probably do this at home… please make sure that someone will be able to help you if you really get stuck! And if you manage to do it, report back here (in the comments) or email me about your experience! I love to hear self cuffing stories!

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Legjacket? Straitpants?


Look what I got! You are sending me so much stuff to play with :) I love you guys! Most of the time it’s handcuffs of course, but this time I received a very strange parcel. It was very heavy and when I opened it I still did not know what it was, except that it looked pretty. I eventually worked out that it is for my legs, like a mermaid’s tail! I think it is supposed to be used in combination with a straitjacket. It’s a legjacket! Or straitpants? Whatever, it is a very cool restraining item and it feels snug and comfortable! :) I will try to sleep in this!

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Let me show you a trick… oops…

This video did not go entirely as planned. I cuffed my ankles together with a pair of handcuffs, and then I cuffed one wrist overhead to the bathroom radiator. I wanted to mix the key into a basket full of clothes pins, to make it harder to find. But of course, I dropped the key… Was it on purpose? ;-) LOL, well… I hope you can answer that by now. Any way, I can not reach the key, so I have to pick it up with my toes. That’s not too difficult, but getting it into my hand is very hard… remember I cuffed my ankles hahaha… Ooops!

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Video diary: dice game

This is my favorite game at the moment! Rolling a die to see how many handcuffs I have to put on. The maximum is six, obviously. I will put them on and try to get them off again as fast as possible. Unfortunately, I only rolled a five… but don’t worry, I put on six anyway LOL, I just love a good challenge! Maybe someone can tell me how much time it actually took me to get them off, or even better: post a video of you trying to beat my time! Practise, practise, practise! Now… I’m off to buy a die with a six on all sides, this one just doesn’t work for me ;-)

PS: What’s with the blonde hair? I will tell you later :-)

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A really difficult position… not!

I received an email about a -supposedly- very difficult position. I suspected it would be no challenge at all, but just to prove it does not work I have made this little video diary. Nope, it does NOT work LOL… not even close. But it was a nice suggestion, please send in more!! I love doing what you tell me (and proving I can beat any challenge)! This one = big FAIL!!

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Another bed challenge


You guys must really love bed challenges! I keep receiving suggestions and ideas for those! Perhaps you just like to see a girl cuffed to the bed? Well, I can escape anything you can come up with :-) This time, I have to lock the key to my ankle using a pair of handcuffs, then use two more pairs (hinged) to lock my wrists to the bed. As you can tell by the video length, this was a hard one, but CuffGirl never gives up LOL! Any more challenges? Use the comments or email me!

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Merry ChrissyMas!


Yeaaah it’s Christmas! I hope you will all receive many gifts (handcuffs, of course), but don’t forget to give something back too (more handcuffs, obviously) LOL :-) I wish you very happy holidays, don’t think about your daily stress, sit back and enjoy this update, drinking hot chocolate and watching me decorate my ChrissyMas tree. I think it is the best tree ever! Merry cuffing!!

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