Video diary: blindfold challenge

Thank you for all of your emails! I receive so many emails now that I barely have time to answer everyone! I like reading your challenges (although some are too crazy), and I will try to do my best to do all the challenges that I have received!
Here is a good one: a blindfold challenge! No need to explain, I think! Just watch the video to see if I can do it!

4:52 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 146MB

Hogcuff escape challenge with Anahí


Yes, it is a race featuring my favourite position: a hogcuff! Me and Anahí will hogcuff ourselves, put the key in front of our face and then we have a contest who gets out the fastest! The loser will have to stay hogcuffed for 1 hour! I actually wanted to lose on purpose, but since I had to get some revenge on Anahí, I tried very hard to win! Want to see who lost? Check out the crazy video clip!

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Video diary: scaffolding cuffs

Now these handcuffs are very original! They are used to build scaffolding, so they are designed to hold pipes together, but I found they can also hold wrists together! They are very nice and shiny, they look great and they even rotate! I love my scaffolding handcuffs, even though I can not really put them on myself properly. I think I need some help with those. And when I am tightly locked into these, I don’t think I could get out!!

5:37 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 169MB

Waist chained with Anahí

Remember my new waist chain? It was custom made for girls, it has a much shorter chain so the cuffs are on the sides like they should be. They were sent to me by a fan of this blog, and he was actually kind enough to send two! So now I can enjoy some fun time with Anahí, both locked into a waist chain! I plan to be doing a lot of things together with her in waist chains, but first I will have to introduce them to her, because she did not know I had them.

3:05 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 93MB

My new orange jumpsuit! And full prison restraints!


After about one thousands emails from you (yes you) going on and on about orange jumpsuits, I decided to order one from the USA! I have been walking around my house in full prison restraints before, but I have to tell you, with this new orange jumpsuit it really feels like the real deal!
I just looooooove walking around in this outfit and chains so much I may never take it off again! I just need to find a guy who will go to work and make money so I can stay home cuffed up like this all day! Wahaha LOL :D
Thanks everyone for the really nice comments on my page, I hope this update will be something that you really like, I know I do!!
(oh and I am wearing white sock for whoever requested that)

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Video diary: the cuffs get stranger and stranger

Some time ago I got these very strange handcuffs. They are called wrist globe, wrist cage, orbital cuffs, cross cuffs, and many more names. Whatever they are called, I could not lock them on myself, it is impossible. So I had to call my friend Anahí to experiment with this strange device.
We were not sure how to lock it on, or how it is supposed to work, so in this video we are just trying some things. It seems like we worked it out in the end, but we would love to hear from you if we are doing something wrong. I like these cuffs, but they are not adjustable so it is very hard to find a pair that is tight enough. Still, I don’t think I could escape them without a key, so they are worth keeping!

4:29 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 135MB

Video diary: both wrists in both cuffs

So here is a request I get a lot: putting both of my wrists in one cuff. I’m not only doing that, I’m putting the other cuff on too! And it’s a pair of hinged cuffs… you all know what that means: REMEMBER to put the keyholes on the outside or you will be in a lot of trouble!! It is pretty hard to cuff yourself in this way, but I managed to do that. Now all I have to do is get out again… that is even harder!

3:36 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 108MB

Spreader bar and handcuffs


I made this spreader bar myself! Well it is just a piece of pipe really :-) I have attached two pairs of handcuffs to it so it will make a great challenge, I don’t think I have ever had my hands this far apart for an escape challenge!
One of the most important things when using handcuffs like this (both cuffs on one wrist) is to remember NOT to put the keyholes on the inside, facing eachother!! It will mean a trip to the fire station, where all fire men will have a big laugh at you and your spreader bar… Hmm, I might actually try that some day ;-)
Let’s see if I can escape this one, it is a very hard challenge!!

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Video diary: Teaching Anahí

Today I will be teaching my friend Anahí how to open handcuffs without using a key! You have seen me do this before, but now it is time to pass on my knowledge! LOL! I will be using a very nice pair of Dutch handcuffs, which are easy to open without a key.
We are using just a flat piece of metal, nothing special, it is super easy to learn! Very nice trick, please try this at home, always a good thing to know for when you have lost your keys again (we all know that happens).

3:34 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 107MB

Video diary: some strange handcuffs

Hmmm wow, I received a pair of handcuffs that have a really strange hinge! Or actually it is a combination of a hinge and a chain, somewhere in between I guess! I love the way these cuffs fit my wrists, they are perfect!
It seems my collection just grows and grows, and I am a little bit too lazy to update my collection page :( But maybe soon, because I am planning to redesign this website to add some cool stuff, maybe even a member section if you think that is a good idea!

3:00 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 91MB

Custom waist chain


Oops I forgot to introduce my new custom waist chain, the one I was wearing outdoors! I realise I did not show it to you yet, so here is a video of me explaining where I got it and why I love it!
It is a small waist chain, smaller than any of the standard ones that are available. It was custom made for me. If I wear one of the standard Peerless or Smith & Wessons, the distance between the wrists cuffs is so big that my wrists are almost behind me! I guess those are for bigger people :(
But I love my cute little waist chain! And the best part? I have two! So Anahí is in for a little surprise next time hehehe :D

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Video diary: thumbcuffs padlocked to handcuffs

This one was requested by a fan! I have to take a pair of regular handcuffs and cuff myself, then use my chain thumbcuffs (so cute!) to cuff my thumbs and padlock both chains together. This will make my thumbs bend towards my wrists, making it hard to handle a key (supposedly).
But hey, I am CuffGirl! It was easy to get out! So me and my lovely assistant (you know who you are!) thought we would give you a second take, this time Anahí put all the keyholes facing away from my fingers!! Harder? You will see!

5:36 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 167MB

Walking in waist chain

Just a nice outdoors video clip of me walking in my favourite small waist chain! It was really windy, and then sun disappeared after about 1 minute :( So I put on my jacket and continued to walk around waist chained :)
Then it started to rain very very hard… so this one was kind of cut short. But I will definitely do it again, because I love taking cuffed walks! Any suggestions for my next cuffed walk can be posted below!

2:55 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 88MB

Hogcuffed dilemma


This is the number one fan favorite request! Everyone wants to see me hogcuffed with the keys out of reach! I guess you just want to see me crawl around the room on my stomach :-) LOL, well it doesn’t work like that. You will have to come up with a much smarter plan, because I have a way of escaping this predicament (even with the keys waaaay out of reach), without getting carpet burns from crawling on my stomach.
How do I do it? Find out by watching the pictures or the video (or both if you love my blog). Who can stop me from using this solution??

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Video diary: Showing Anahí the heavy weight Clejuso handcuffs

Well, Anahí spotted the huge and heavy Clejuso handcuffs lying around, so it was time to introduce her to wearing them :D In this video, you can see my explanation of the heavy weight model 15 Clejuso handcuffs, including the double locking and the possibility of wearing them on your elbows.
Anahí loves huge cuffs like these!! If only we had two pairs, then we could wear them together for a few hours! It is quite a workout!

3:41 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 111MB

Video diary: The Italian cuffs

My collection is growing! I have some pretty strange items, but this one is right at the top of the strangeness scale! They are called Bagno, it is a kind of wrist screw thing, and it locks with a padlock! It is for large and small wrists, and escaping it is pretty hard. I will demonstrate how this weird device works in this week’s webcam video. Yes, they are real handcuffs! I know you don’t believe me, but it is true :D
By the way, thank you for all your birthday wishes on my facebook and email, I love you all!!

4:51 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 146MB

The Irish 8 contest


I proposed a little game to my Mexican friend Anahí: we both cuff ourselves with Irish 8 handcuffs, wrists stacked in front. Winner is the one who can escape fastest. Loser has to wear BOTH handcuffs stacked in front for THREE hours :D Simple!

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Video diary: the mysterious cuffs

A parcel arrived containing some mysterious looking cuffs. The two halves can be locked together using a tiny padlock. All I know is they are medieval looking and they are probably rare. I don’t think there is a lot of demand for these, so not a lot will be made. Here is a webcam video of me showing you these new cuffs, they are very hard to lock onto yourself!
If anyone knows what type of cuffs this is, or maybe a name for them, please let me know!

4:59 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 150MB

Outdoors in my heavy Clejuso cuffs

I took my heavy Clejuso handcuffs out for a nice walk! Sometimes you have to spoil your handcuffs by taking them outside, showing them some of the great outdoors! I found this nice sandy area where I tried to do a kind of fashion photo shoot in Clejuso handcuffs! Well, kind of… I just enjoyed the great weather and the feel of the super heavy cuffs on my wrists ;-) I hope you like this set, please comment if you do!

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Neck cuff trick


This neck cuff trick will be very hard for some people. It depends on how flexible you are! Suppose you have cuffed yourself in a position where your neck is attached to your wrists, arms under your legs. It happens. Easy enough to get out if you have a key. But what if you left the key on a table? Then you will have to get your legs through your arms to free yourself! Can I do it? Warning: VERY funny update :)

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